Blast from the past: Chokebore live at Jabberjaw, 1993

A 32-minute long video of Chokebore's 1993 concert at the infamous Jabberjaw club in Los Angeles has just popped up on YouTube! This show took place on October 10th, 1993, which makes it exactly 21 years and a day old! The video is of surprisingly good quality given its age, and features gems like Throats, Nobody, Sãdãvia, and 29 Mile Wind, topped with an early version of Narrow (full setlist here), with the band's hard-hitting first drummer Johnee Kop… A must-see for any die-hard fan! Check it out below:

Chokebore live at Jabberjaw (Los Angeles, CA) - October 10, 1993

At the time, Chokebore had just released its first album Motionless, and was already five weeks into the Clusterfuck tour, a six-week-long coast-to-coast tour of the U.S. with Amphetamine Reptile labelmates Guzzard and Today Is The Day. The Clusterfuck tour was funded by a namesake limited edition 7-inch vinyl compilation featuring previously unreleased tracks by all three bands, and explicit artwork by Coop. Around the same time, Chokebore had also contributed the previously unreleased song Narrow to the Jabberjaw No.3 7-inch vinyl compilation, which was sold as a fundraiser to benefit the Jabberjaw club. But Narrow didn't become the classic that it is until 1996, when it was re-recorded for the band's third album A Taste for Bitters, this time with Chokebore's new drummer Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo behind the kit.