Chokebore news archive - 2005


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  • Jonathan Kroll will be performing under the name A New Born Riot of Dreams with Coco Rosie on Saturday Nov. 26th in Paris at the Divan du Monde. The show is sold out...


  • Baby Thaddeus Jonathan Kroll was born on May 31, 2005 in Berlin. Congratulations to daddy James and mommy Jenny!


  • Jonathan Kroll and Jan Schieffer will be playing music for two guitars in conjunction with an exhibition of paintings by Garth Gregory, Thursday September 15th, 8 p.m. at Rosengarten Volkspark, Weinbergsweg, Berlin.


  • Jonathan Kroll and Jan Schieffer will be playing music for two guitars in conjunction with the Depri film festival - Saturday Feb 26, 7 p.m. at Dr. Pong, Eberswalderstr. 21, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin.


  • " Hello to you all in Chokebore land, this is Troy. I'm writing to tell you that the Chokebore is on standby for a little while. We are all doing our different music in our different countries and I really hope (and think) we will get together again one fine day to continue the Chokebore story. As you know Chokebore has a long story and it's good for us to take a little break and explore the world around us. We have lived together in a van for 14 hard (and fun) years on the road. I think we need a little change for now. Our albums will still be for sale if you don't have them and I think the websites will continue, so you'll still have news when there is news! So for now I say good bye to you from Chokebore land for a little while. It's been so great getting to know you all and playing music for and with you.
    Troy von Balthazar. "
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