Fall tour roundup

A message from the band

Hello everybody,
Thank you for coming to the Chokebore shows. We hope you had a great time at the concerts, we sure did! It was a really fun tour for us with lots of good music and friends.
Maybe we will see you again.

Live photos

The live photos section has been updated with 9 new galleries of pictures taken at this autumn's shows:

Thanks to the photographers who kindly contributed! If you have some great photos of Chokebore that you'd like to share, please contact the webmaster.

Flyers, posters

The flyers & posters gallery has also been updated with some flyers and posters from the tour. If you'd like to add one to the gallery, once again: please contact the webmaster!

Roundup of online coverage

Here is a little collection of links about Chokebore's autumn 2011 tour:

A Newborn Riot of Dreams to release first LP in 2012

A Newborn Riot of Dreams "The Preservation of Links" cover artwork

In January 2012, A Newborn Riot of Dreams (the musical project of Chokebore guitarist Jonathan Kroll) will release The Preservation of Links, its first 12-inch vinyl LP, on Czech label Lokal Rekorc.


  • Side A:
    1. Foreign Figures No. 2
    2. June Ends (First Draft)
    3. Party Dress
    4. The Preservation of Links Across Reorganization
    5. Pentatonic Lullaby
  • Side B:
    1. Afternoon?
    2. In Passing
    3. Some Dessert

Tour update

We are sorry to announce that our concert in Hérouville-Saint-Clair on November 1 has been cancelled. On the other hand, a new show has been added: Chokebore will be playing a FREE show at the Astrolabe in Orléans (France) on Sunday, November 6, at 7 p.m. See tour dates page for the complete tour schedule.

The new Chokebore EP "Falls Best" is out today!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce that Chokebore's new 12-inch vinyl EP Falls Best is out today! It holds five new tracks and comes with an MP3 download code, all for 10 Euros.

If you are in France or close by, you can pick it up at a record store near you. Otherwise, you can buy Falls Best online. The record will also be on sale at the concerts, starting next week in Germany!

Reviews & previews

If you'd like to know what it sounds like, you can read the first reviews on Mowno and on BUB (both are in French), or just listen to the first track titled Lawsuit right here:

Lawsuit by Chokebore

The other tracks can be previewed on the Falls Best order page.


To help you sing along at the shows, the lyrics to all five new songs of the record are available on the Falls Best lyrics page!

Now what?

Buy Falls Best now!

Happy listening and see you at the concerts!

Chokebore "Falls Best" EP advance release in selected record stores

Chokebore's new EP Falls Best will be exclusively released in advance in selected independent record stores across France tomorrow, Wednesday October 5!

  • Bordeaux: Total Heaven
    6 rue de Candale
    total.heaven@orange.fr - 05 56 31 31 03
  • Brest: Dialogues Musique
    37 rue Louis Pasteur
    damien@dialoguesmusiques.fr - 02 98 80 43 44
  • Marseille: Lollipop
    2 boulevard Théodore Thurner
    lollipop.music.store@orange.fr - 04 91 81 23 39
  • Nantes: Mélomane
    2 quai de Turenne
    melomane.nantes@gmail.com - 02 40 47 62 75
  • Paris: Ground Zero
    23 rue Sainte-Marthe, 10°
    contact@groundzero.fr - 01 40 03 83 08
  • Périgueux: La Démothèque
    8 avenue Daumesnil
    demotheque@aol.com - 05 53 35 46 52
  • Poitiers: Transat
    cour du Confort Moderne, 185 rue du Faubourg du Pont Neuf
    loutransat@free.fr - 06 60 70 44 97
  • Rennes: Blind Spot
    32 rue Poullain Duparc
    lesanglesmorts1@gmail.com - 02 99 78 51 90
  • Toulouse: Vicious Circle
    7 rue des Puits Clos
    shop@viciouscircle.fr - 05 61 23 82 83
  • Tulle: The Rev'
    6 quai de Rigny
    therevshop@free.fr - 09 50 10 66 11

And if you are outside of France, you can still pre-order Falls Best through Vicious Circle.

Chokebore "Falls Best" EP available for pre-order

The new Chokebore EP Falls Best is now available for pre-order on the Vicious Circle online store. This 12-inch vinyl record holds 5 tracks and costs 10 Euros (shipping not included). Purchase includes an MP3 download card. Pre-orders will be shipped just before the official release date (October 10).

Pre-order Falls Best now!

Listening preview

Two-minute previews of every track are available on the Falls Best pre-order page. You can listen to Lawsuit, the first track off the new EP, on the new Chokebore sounds page.

Chokebore "Falls Best" EP due October 10

Chokebore's new EP Falls Best will be released on 12-inch vinyl on October 10 by the French label Vicious Circle. It will also be released in digital format after the band's autumn tour.


  1. Lawsuit
  2. Get Blonder
  3. Defenders
  4. Joy
  5. Awesome

Pictures of the master disc

Here are some pictures of the master disc being cut at the studio and being played for the first time:

Chokebore European tour schedule complete!

German tour dates

The rest of the German tour dates are here: before Berlin in November, Chokebore will play in Nuremberg, Trier and Weinheim in October. See the full European tour schedule on the tour dates page.

Tour poster

Here is the poster for Chokebore's autumn 2011 European tour:

It was designed by Jonathan Kroll using one of his paintings.

New Chokebore EP almost ready!

Chokebore's new 5-track EP has just been mastered yesterday in Berlin! The five new songs have been recorded in Berlin and in the South of France, and should be released on vinyl during the band's European tour this autumn!

A couple of pictures from the mastering session:

Berlin concert

Chokebore will play in Berlin on November 15 at Marie-Antoinette. The venue does not do pre-sales, but tickets can be reserved by emailing the booking agency Puschen: please send your full name and number of tickets (10 Euros each) to chokebore@puschen.net.

2011 tour dates: France, Belgium and Switzerland

All concert dates for France, Belgium and Switzerland are now confirmed! Head to the tour dates page for the updated listing. German shows are being booked and should soon be added to the schedule…

Two new songs recorded!

Chokebore went in the studio last Monday to record two new songs for the upcoming Chokebore vinyl. Add in the three songs that were recorded last year, and that's a total of five new songs to be released in the autumn!

Here are some lo-fi snapshots from the recording session:

More tour dates

A few more French tour dates added: Saint-Jean-de-Védas, Brest and Amiens. More to come soon!

2011 press photo

The new Chokebore promo photo for 2011 was added to the press photos gallery. Download the high-resolution image (3.19 Mb).

"Some Pears" by Jonathan Kroll

"Some Pears" by Jonathan Kroll

The small French publishing house Ialou has recently released a book of paintings by Jonathan Kroll (Chokebore guitar player). The book, titled "Some Pears", contains pictures of originals in oil on linen, in 1:1 scale, with an accompanying text by the artist. The book is now available in Paris at the Yvon Lambert art gallery and the 0fr bookshop, and later on in other locations. More information on the book and ordering details can be found on the Ialou website.

New Chokebore vinyl available on tour!

Special vinyl discs holding the first new Chokebore songs in recent years should be on sale at this autumn's shows!

New tour dates

New tour dates added: Marseille, Feyzin, Hérouville-Saint-Clair, Tourcoing (France) and Brussels (Belgium). Stay tuned for more!

Announcing 2011 European tour

Chokebore will be touring Europe in autumn this year! First confirmed date: Chokebore will play live in Paris at La Machine du Moulin Rouge on Monday October 31st, 2011. More tour dates to be announced soon!

Troy Von Balthazar and A Newborn Riot of Dreams live in Paris

Currently embarked on a European tour, Troy Von Balthazar will be playing at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris next Friday. The opening act for this particular show is none other than A Newborn Riot of Dreams, the musical project of Jonathan Kroll (Chokebore guitarist). And since Chokebore drummer Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo is playing drums with Troy Von Balthazar, that's 3/4 of Chokebore in the same night! See you there!

Troy Von Balthazar photography exhibition

"Troy Von Balthazar Magnified", an exhibition of pictures of Troy Von Balthazar taken by photographer Magali Boyer, will be held in Paris from March 29th to April 23rd at La Flaq (36 rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris).

The opening night will take place in the presence of Troy Von Balthazar on Thursday March 31st, starting at 6 p.m. You're all invited!

A message from Jonathan

who: A Newborn Riot of Dreams
what: instrumental music
when: 13 January 2011 (next Thursday)
where: KIM / Brunnenstraße 10 / 10119 Berlin
why: because it's nice to listen to music and spend time with friends
how: .... this one is still a mystery

Hope to see you there.... Jon