A Taste for Bitters is Chokebore's third studio album, released on October 2nd, 1996, by Amphetamine Reptile Records in LP and CD format. It was recorded by Peter Deimel at Black Box studio in Noyant-la-Gravoyère (France) during the spring of 1996, when Chokebore was touring in Europe.

A Taste for Bitters is the first Chokebore album recorded with drummer Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo, who had been touring with the band since 1995.

The record's artwork was designed by Chokebore, Klaus Westermann, and Dirk Holtkoetter, with photos by Nicoletta Munroe and Klaus Westermann.

A Taste for Bitters spawned two singles, It Could Ruin Your Day and Days of Nothing, and music videos for the songs A Taste for Bitters and It Could Ruin Your Day.

The CD edition includes an extra track titled The Rest of Your Evening, a twenty-minute-long recording of a woman translating the album's lyrics into Swedish over the phone.

A Taste for Bitters was reissued twice on CD, first in 1998 by Boomba Rec to accompany the European release of Black Black, then in September 2002 by Pale Blue. After being out of print for several years, it was finally remastered and reissued on vinyl in December 2020 by Vicious Circle in France (classic black or limited pressing of 600 on colored splatter vinyl) and Amphetamine Reptile Records in the USA (pressing of 200 on colored splatter vinyl).


Oct 1996: LP/CD – Amphetamine Reptile [AmRep 054] – USA
Oct 1996: LP/CD – Amphetamine Reptile [ARR 77/020] – Europe
1998: CD – Boomba Rec [BOOMBA 007-2] – Europe
Sep 2002: CD – Pale Blue [pale blue 005] – Europe
Dec 2020: LP – Vicious Circle/Amphetamine Reptile [REVERB159] – Europe/USA


  1. Pacific Sleep Patterns
  2. Popular Modern Themes
  3. Ghosts, and the Swing of Things
  4. One Easy Pieces
  5. Days of Nothing
  6. It Could Ruin Your Day
  7. A Taste for Bitters
  8. Narrow
  9. Sleep With Me
  10. City Rings
  11. Smaller Steps
  12. Your Let Down
  13. The Rest of Your Evening (CD only)



produced by: Chokebore and Peter Deimel
engineered by: Peter Deimel
recorded at: Black Box Studio, France in the spring of 1996
mastered somewhere in Paris
design/artwork: Chokebore, Klaus Westermann/Dirk Holtkoetter
photos: Nicoletta Munroe (documentation of a performance by microinternational), Klaus Westermann (sky/band)
thank you: AXM

all songs written and performed by Chokebore © 1996 Chokeboresound
words by Troy


  • a frank g - bass
  • troy bruno von balthazar - guitar/vocals
  • jonathan - guitar
  • christian omar madrigal izzo - drums


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