CD-EP - Amphetamine Reptile [Scale 2254] - USA, 1997
CD-EP - Amphetamine Reptile [ARRCD 79/022] - Europe, 1997
Euro tour only


  1. Days of Nothing
  2. The Alaskas
  3. Days of Nothing (full band winter version)


all songs written by Chokebore
© 1996 chokeboresound
Days of Nothing (full band winter version) produced by: Chokebore and Biff Sanders at Motiv in Los Angeles. engineered by: Biff Sanders. drums: (miik)
Days of Nothing & The Alaskas produced by: Chokebore and Peter Deimel at Blackbox somewhere in France. engineered by: Peter Deimel. drums: Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo

design and photos by: Kevin Hanley
band photos by: a frank g by Arlene, Troy by Brownie Mud's Dad, (Miik) by Sandra, Jonathan by Nanna

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