Days of Nothing is the second single from Chokebore's third album, released in spring 1997 by Amphetamine Reptile Records in CD format. It was only available during the band's 1997 European tour.

Days of Nothing contains two previously unreleased bonus tracks:

  • The Alaskas is an outtake from the A Taste for Bitters sessions, recorded by Peter Deimel at Black Box studio in France, with drummer Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo.
  • Days of Nothing (full band winter version) was recorded by Biff Sanders at Motiv Studios in Los Angeles, CA, with drummer Mike Featherson – credited as "(miik)" – who had just joined the band to replace Christian.

Like its companion single It Could Ruin Your Day, the artwork for Days of Nothing was designed by Kevin Hanley, and the cover features the new drummer Mike.


1997: CDS – Amphetamine Reptile [ARRCD 79/022] – Europe


  1. Days of Nothing
  2. The Alaskas
  3. Days of Nothing (full band winter version)



all songs written by Chokebore
© 1996 chokeboresound
Days of Nothing & The Alaskas produced by: Chokebore and Peter Deimel at Blackbox somewhere in France. engineered by: Peter Deimel. drums: Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo
Days of Nothing (full band winter version) produced by: Chokebore and Biff Sanders at Motiv in Los Angeles. engineered by: Biff Sanders. drums: (miik)

design and photos by: Kevin Hanley
band photos by: a frank g by Arlene, Troy by Brownie Mud's Dad, (Miik) by Sandra, Jonathan by Nanna

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