Feb 2010: CD – self-released – Tour only


  1. I'll Save You (bubble take)
  2. Pop Mod (demo version)
  3. Ciao L.A. (alternate recording)
  4. Sections (extended version)
  5. You Are the Sunshine of My Life (live @ La Cigale)
  6. Snow (live @ La Cigale)
  7. I Love the Waiting (alternate recording)
  8. Be Forceful (Strange Lines version)
  9. Brittle and Depressing
  10. Her Majesty (Beatles cover)
  11. Person You Chose (demo version)
  12. Pink Deluxe
  13. Speed of Sound (acoustic version)
  14. One Easy Pieces (live in Finland)
  15. 29 Mile Wind
  16. Throats


tracks 5 and 6 recorded live by Yannick Piercy.
all songs by Chokebore except track 10
copyright chokeboresound 2010

cover painting: Jonathan Kroll 2009


I'll Save You (bubble take), Sections (extended version), I Love the Waiting (alternate recording) and Person You Chose (demo version) are previously unreleased.
Pop Mod (demo version) is taken from the It Could Ruin Your Day single.
Ciao L.A. (alternate recording) was previously released as "Ciao L.A. (new version)" on the Rolling Stone #01 compilation.
You Are the Sunshine of My Life and Snow were recorded live at La Cigale, Paris (France) on 25 October 2002.
Be Forceful is taken from the Strange Lines EP.
Brittle & Depressing is taken from the Dope Guns 'n Fucking in the Streets Volume 9 double 7-inch compilation.
Her Majesty appeared as a hidden track at the end of the Tractor Tunes Volume #1 compilation.
Pink Deluxe is the B-side of the Thin as Clouds 7-inch single.
Speed of Sound (acoustic version) is taken from the Taty du Post Rock compilation.
One Easy Pieces (live in Finland) is taken from the Abus 35 compilation.
29 Mile Wind is taken from the Clusterfuck 7-inch compilation.
Throats is taken from the Nobody/Throats to Hit 7-inch single.