Thin as Clouds is a single by Chokebore, released in the USA in early 1995 by Amphetamine Reptile Records on limited edition 7-inch vinyl (500 copies), as a teaser for the release of Chokebore's sophomore album Anything Near Water. It was only available at the merch table during Chokebore's 1995 US tour, then by mail order.

The B-side to Thin as Clouds is Pink Deluxe, a previously unreleased outtake from the Anything Near Water recording sessions (engineered by Biff Sanders at Motiv Studios in Los Angeles, CA).

The limited-edition Thin as Clouds single comes in an individually hand-stamped sleeve (front and back), making every copy unique!


1995: 7″ – Amphetamine Reptile [Scale 71] – USA


  • side A: Thin as Clouds
  • side B: Pink Deluxe