Chokebore/Tocotronic is a split 7-inch single between Chokebore and Tocotronic, released in Europe in March 1996 by Amphetamine Reptile Records and L'Age d'Or, and sold during the two bands' tour across Europe together that same year.

Chokebore's side features two tracks, both recorded by Biff Sanders at Motiv Studios in Los Angeles, CA, but at different times and with different drummers:

  • Pink Deluxe was taped with the band's original drummer Johnee Kop during the Anything Near Water sessions. It was first released in 1995 as the B-side of the Thin as Clouds single.
  • Popular Modern Themes was recorded later in 1995 with drummer Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo, who replaced Kop. It is an early "demo" version of the track recorded the following year on A Taste for Bitters.

The artwork for Chokebore's side was designed by Kevin Hanley.


Mar 1996: 7″ – Amphetamine Reptile / L'Age d'Or [lado 14009] – Europe


  • side A:
    1. ChokeborePink Deluxe
    2. ChokeborePopular Modern Themes
  • side AA: TocotronicGott sei dank haben wir beide uns gehabt


all songs written and performed by Chokebore, copywrite 1996 chokeboresound

design/photo K. Hanley

Pink Deluxe T + M: Troy Miller
Popular Modern Themes T: Troy Miller / M: James Kroll