Tractor Tunes Volume #1 is a compilation CD included with issue #5 (winter-spring 2000) of the DIY fanzine "Fresh Cow Pie," released in early 2000 on limited-edition CD (500 numbered copies). It was exclusively available by mail order from Fresh Cow Pie.

The compilation features 21 previously unreleased tracks by 17 different artists, from underground North Dakota indie rock bands to better-known artists using pseudonyms: Donny Bosco (Kyle Statham of Fuck), Kuda LaBranche (Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices), and Doombuggy.

Doombuggy is an alias of Vern Rumsey, bass player of Unwound and co-founder of Punk iN My Vitamins, the label that released Black Black in the US. Doombuggy's contribution is a cover of Borstal by Steel Pole Bath Tub, followed by an unlisted cover of the song Her Majesty by The Beatles, performed by Chokebore with Vern on vocals. This cover ends the compilation just like the original song ended Abbey Road: hidden after a long gap of silence and starting with a loud chord.

The compilation's handmade sleeve comes in 7 versions, each designed by a different artist, and contains photocopied inserts with tracklist and additional notes.


2000: CD – Fresh Cow Pie [TTV1] – USA


  1. Donny BoscoIntro
  2. Donny BoscoHulk Baby
  3. MinmaeBlock the Comets
  4. Kuda LaBrancheMy Big Day
  5. Imipolex GLower Than the Angels
  6. NeutrinoBoxing Day
  7. WinoDogs
  8. Strap HangerRude Goldberg
  9. Dave PoindexterPass Out
  10. The Trans AmsRopin
  11. June PanicIn the Grave
  12. Strap HangerShoemaker Levy
  13. The Ed Kemper TrioLiquid Flesh
  14. The Ed Kemper TrioLittle Pink Pencil
  15. Imipolex G2D Ten
  16. Eric LichterSub Pop Lament
  17. RingFeeling the Moon
  18. MarmosetLightning Canteen
  19. Emperor PenguinSteamroller!: remix '99
  20. The Terrifying ExperienceWe're the Sissy Shockers
  21. DoombuggyBorstal + Her Majesty (hidden track)


mastered by Mike Enzor


Doombuggy is Vernon Rumsey. Borstal was written by Dale Flattum and Darren Mor-X and is performed by Doombuggy. The "hidden track" was written by a pretty popular group from England a long time ago and is performed by Chokebore and Doombuggy. Both of these tunes were recorded in November and December of 1999 at Mag Rec One by Vernon Rumsey. Vern is also a member of a pretty famous band and he runs an ass-kicking record label in his spare time.