Tractor Tunes Volume #1


CD - Fresh Cow Pie [ TTV1 ] - USA - 2000
limited edition of 500 copies


  1. Donny Bosco - Intro
  2. Donny Bosco - Hulk Baby
  3. Minmae - Block the Comets
  4. Kuda LaBranche - My Big Day
  5. Imipolex G - Lower Than the Angels
  6. Neutrino - Boxing Day
  7. Wino - Dogs
  8. Strap Hanger - Rude Goldberg
  9. Dave Poindexter - Pass Out
  10. The Trans Ams - Ropin
  11. June Panic - In the Grave
  12. Strap Hanger - Shoemaker Levy
  13. The Ed Kemper Trio - Liquid Flesh
  14. The Ed Kemper Trio - Little Pink Pencil
  15. Imipolex G - 2D Ten
  16. Eric Lichter - Sub Pop Lament
  17. Ring - Feeling the Moon
  18. Marmoset - Lightning Canteen
  19. Emperor Penguin - Steamroller!: remix '99
  20. The Terrifying Experience - We're the Sissy Shockers
  21. Doombuggy - Borstal + Her Majesty (hidden track)


mastered by Mike Enzor


Doombuggy is Vernon Rumsey[1]. Borstal was written by Dale Flattum and Darren Mor-X and is performed by Doombuggy[2]. The "hidden track" was written by a pretty popular group from England a long time ago and is performed by Chokebore and Doombuggy[3]. Both of these tunes were recorded in November and December of 1999 at Mag Rec One by Vernon Rumsey. Vern is also a member of a pretty famous band and he runs an ass-kicking record label in his spare time.

  1. Vernon Rumsey is the bass player of Unwound and the founder of Punk iN My Vitamins records.
  2. Borstal is a Steel Pole Bath Tub cover.
  3. Her Majesty is a Beatles cover (the original version can be found on the album Abbey Road) performed by Chokebore with Vern on vocals.