Grade: A +

Following on the heels of what is one of this reviewer's top 10 records of all time ("Black Black"), Chokebore's new full length "It's a Miracle" is everything I should expect it to be. Released only in Europe thus far "It's a Miracle" starts out with a much more light sound than we are familiar with, while at the same time having some of the darkest lyrics of the whole album. This record is much more balanced than "Black Black" was, in that it moves easily back and forth from upbeat to slower more desperate songs, and seems perfectly fit together. Highlights include "Ciao L.A.", "Snow", "Geneva" and "She Flew Alone". The guitar work is even more discordant than their previous efforts, the songwriting has definitely taken a more mature turn and Troy's vocals, while always unique, are put to new and interesting tests while remaining one of the most original and interesting voices of any band. If you can afford to throw down the $17.00 to order this gem from France, you will get every penny's worth of enjoyment out of it.

Chris Smith
Geek America
July 1, 2002