Oct 2002: CD – Visions Verlag – Germany


  1. SupergrassNever Done Nothing Like That Before
  2. Hot Water MusicRemedy
  3. The DatsunsIn Love
  4. Radio 4Eyes Wide Open
  5. HellacoptersBy the Grace of God
  6. DisturbedLiberate
  7. SnapcaseExile Etiquette
  8. MeshuggahPerpetual Black Second
  9. ChokeboreCiao L.A. (special remix)
  10. Union YouthDead Beat Type


Free CD included with Visions magazine (Germany) issue #115 (October 2002).

Ciao L.A. (special remix) is previously unreleased. It was also released as "Ciao L.A. (new version)" on the Rolling Stone #01 compilation.
Available for download on the Sounds page.