I haven't been a big fan of bands that this label puts out. Until now. Fronted by Troy Bruno Von Balthazar and his voice, that voice, documenting a heightened awareness of the sorrows and silence of despair. The band rocks. Cooks as a matter of fact. Kicking joy in a bittersweet package of 13 tuneful tracks. These are unwinding sad songs with a such a sonic tone - that I derive more and more pleasure from them the more I listen. There is joy in sadness ...car crashes and stingray spines, thats whats become of my life. Nice variation in the compositional texture of the album. The last track is a 20 plus minute spoken word track by a young Swedish woman. The band went all the way to France to record this one at Black Box studio - the inspiration paid off.

Green Mountain Music Reviews
June 13, 1997