For those people that have followed Chokebore throughout their existence, four full length records and numerous singles and b-sides, know that they have taken the road less traveled and slowly progressed from writing the loud, fast, and highly dynamic type songs to a slower sometimes quieter and more emotionally dense type of song. The Strange Lines EP falls into that typical Chokebore song-writing progression that we are familiar with. They have mastered the art of writing the "slow sad song". And this not a bad thing by any means, the guitar is less abrasive but more raw and torn; reminiscent of early Liz Phair guitar work. The drums solid and slow, married to bass lines of the same description serve as the backdrop for Troy's... lyrical manifest of confusing emotions that can do nothing but be put to this music. Again Chokebore champions something unique, that no other group of people could pull off. And it's their surroundings; it's where they live and the friends that come and go that fuel this band and their lyrics. Los Angeles and women that have come and gone from their lives have defined Chokebore. This three song EP is only the beginning of what will be their fifth full length album... sure to be yet another masterpiece collection of "slow sad songs".

Dennis DeSmeth
February 27, 2001