Chokebore materialized out of nowhere (or so it seemed) when Amphetamine Reptile released the band's first single this spring. Like every other artist that signs on with the label, the L.A. group's music style was quickly pigeonholed by reviewers and consumers who noticed the AmRep logo on the 7″ picture-disc. The sound of Chokebore, however, is far from that of its labelmates, not the unrelenting guitar-punk "noise" that the label's known for. The majority of songs on Motionless include tense, bass-driven hooks, unpredictable guitar paces and a broad range of yowls from vocalist Troy Miller. Just when it seems as though "Coat" could be a Pixies song, the band shatters that aura with a cluster of uncharacteristic strums, and "Hit Me" begins as if it were a Rod Stewart cover, but then springs upon us a screaming refrain of the song's title. "Cleaner" starts subtly, with light guitars and low vocals, packing a noisy punch at the end. The soulful agony that typifies the record is demonstrated best on "So Sour", a sloth-tempo song of vehemence. No bore: "Never", "Motionless", "Sãdãvia" and "60,000 Lbs".

Dawn Sutter
CMJ New Music Report #348
September 6, 1993