Dana Lynn's second 7-inch single, referred to as "guns" due to its cover, was self-released in 1992 on the band's Chokebore Sound imprint, with promotion and distribution by the San Francisco-based label Piece of Mind.

This record represents a turning point in the band's history. Musically, it marks a radical move from Dana Lynn's first single, Circle, and showcases a new, heavier "Chokebore" sound. In fact, the first track, Nobody, was re-released on Chokebore's debut single Nobody / Throats to Hit. The three other tracks (Sadavia, Van McCoy, and Shine) were re-recorded on Chokebore's first album Motionless. And the name "Chokebore" even appears for the first time with the "Chokebore Sound" credit!

The single's cover is a picture of antique guns found by Jonathan Kroll in an old book, which also happened to contain the story of the man who invented the chokebore shotgun. And that is how the band found its new name!

"I was looking for graphics in a book and I stumbled upon this story of the man who invented the chokebore shotgun, a device to make the shotgun shoot further and more precisely. [The word 'chokebore'] sounded nice, and it was a nice little story." (Jon in Salt For Slugs #1)


1992: 7″ – self-released – USA


  • side A:
    1. Nobody
    2. Sadavia
  • side B:
    1. Van McCoy
    2. Shine



All songs written & produced by Dana Lynn
published by Chokebore Sound (BMI)

P&D by Piece of Mind