1991: CS/CD – High Speed Productions [HSP SR10] – USA


  1. Verbal AbuseStill Alive
  2. HemiSlow Leak
  3. Less Is MoreBrick
  4. OlivelawnCollege Volume Pedal
  5. The Bone ShaversMotor Psycho
  6. BluntGravity
  7. CommittedReal Freedom
  8. ProudfleshCarnage Again
  9. Sub Society1000 Yard Store
  10. Goodbye GeminiPrimal Flow
  11. JFAGet Out of My Sandbox
  12. White KapsFuck the Cops
  13. Wheat ChiefsRedeem
  14. The FactionAccelerate
  15. SwellSick Half of a Church
  16. The Odd NumbersShe Makes Me Shake
  17. Dana LynnLine Crush
  18. The Fuck-UpsRoad Rash Blues
  19. Bomb19


edited by Oliver Di Cicco at Mobius Music, San Francisco
mastered at Rocket Lab, San Francisco
compiled by Rick Rotsaert

skating by Wade Speyer
modelling by Ariel Sitterud
cover concept and photo by Mofo
design by John Dettman
art direction by Ken McGuire


Line Crush is an early pre-Chokebore recording (differing from the Motionless album version).