A strange little EP by a strange little band that's long held my fascination. In fact, I'd say Chokebore is one of the best bands of the last ten years, though I doubt they sell more than a thousand copies of this thing Stateside (over in Europe they seem to like Chokebore a bit more, though not much). So the burden's on me...
Since their bristling debut on AmRep all those years ago, the band's continued to back away from volume and violence, instead embracing mood, emotion, and a weaving interplay of voice, noise and drone. Sounds terrible huh? It's not, though I doubt you'd agree with me. Here's some more cliches: Chokebore's moody without being overtly dark; quiet and introspective without being mopey; atmospheric and spare without being washed-out. The first of three songs, "Sections" pulls you in with a great bass hook, then puts you sideways with an off-kilter verse before bangin' you back with the great bass hook again. Second song is mellower, yet doesn't really go anywhere. And the third is really painful if you don't like these guys: an 18-minute re-recording of an already long song from their last LP called "The Rest of Your Evening". Indeed. Great music to fall asleep to, though I guarantee it'll give you fucked-up dreams.

Richy Boyer, contributing writer
Backfire vol. 4 #3