Perhaps the most sophisticated entry, both visually and sonically, in AmRep's "Research & Development" series so far, Chokebore's debut is definitely in keeping with the AmRep state of mind, but for this band, just making noise and getting pissed off is a byproduct, not an excuse for existence. "Nobody" starts off tearing away at an uncontrollable itch, Chokebore's trebly guitars phasing high or low to suit the gravity of the rhythm section; with vocals warbling way down in the mix, the halting, sloping chug and scratch of the instruments traces out a single line, but one that's not muddled or sloppily executed. On "Throats to Hit", the band plays in a more conventional arrangement, the guitars pecking away at a higher frequency and voltage with the vocalist slightly more coherent, this time sounding like Paul Westerberg with his head in the toilet bowl.

Deborah Orr
CMJ New Music Report #329
April 23, 1993