Chokebore concert at Boa (Lucerne, Switzerland) – 2002/05/02





  1. Narrow
  2. Ciao L.A.
  3. Wicked Wendy (early version of Get Blonder)
  4. Days of Nothing
  5. Bad Things
  6. Ultra-Lite
  7. It Could Ruin Your Day
  8. Snow
  9. Geneva
  10. The Rest of Your Evening (Los Angeles)
  11. You Are the Sunshine of My Life
  12. Alaska
  13. Little Dream
  14. She Flew Alone
  15. 60,000 Lbs
  16. I'll Save You
  17. Coat
  18. Valentine
  19. Police
  20. Comeback Thursday
  21. The Perfect Date
  22. Foreign Devils on the Silk Road
  23. "White White Snow"

It was very special because Jon's guitar amp troubled and didn't work anymore from Days of Nothing...
So Troy played some songs of his solo project and also the song Jesus Cried... It was really cool!!!
About 15 min later the amp was repaired and they played on...

They didn't play every song of the setlist (because of the fact that Troy played some extra solo songs)...

(David Kühne)