Chokebore - A Taste for Bitters

I saw Chokebore at SXSW and was mightily impressed, particularly with Troy Balthazar's ability to use his voice like an instrument. He kinda reminds me of Marcelle from Starpimp in that way (a marriage meant to be?). A Taste for Bitters (do these guys like beer or what?) continues the Chokebore party line: Troy's unique (NOT a euphemism for shitty) vocal delivery over their loveable noise, which here is broken up by the bizarre but cool "Days of Nothing". I can't hear too many of the words. Maybe it's my shitty stereo. Nothing here is really jumping out at me, but then again if I wanted monster hooks I'd go to a bait shop. I contend that Chokebore must really be witnessed live in order to fully comprehend the unique station that they occupy on the landscape of alternative (small "a") rock. So check 'em out already. Sheesh.


Snack Cake (1997)