It's been a few years since we last heard of you and Chokebore. No tour, no records. What has been going on during this time?

Chokebore has been in Los Angeles writing songs for our next few albums, playing shows over here... Oh and we went to Japan for the first time. That was really fun!

I suppose you had to have a job to live too. Isn't that frustrating sometimes?

Well yes we all have had to get stupid jobs off and on or do what I do which is starve almost to death then somehow get enough money to buy a little food... I went 3 days with NO FOOD about a week ago... It was funny I was starting to see crazy colors that would stream off of things when I would turn my head.....

Strange Lines, the new Chokebore EP has just been released. How would you compare it to your previous work? Is it more like a progression, or something totally different?

Well the Strange Lines EP is more a progression than something totally different... at least that what it sounds like to my ears. These songs are just a small taste of the music we've been working on... A three song sample of our new work.

Still working on songs like "I Love the Waiting" and "Geneva" that you played during your shows in 1998?

Yes we have written many nice songs after that... Tonight we were working on a cool song called "They Want You".... I like its flow.

I suppose that a new album is coming out after that?

Lord willing!

But before that there will be a European tour? I remember a few years ago that it was hard for you to organize a tour (basically because you had no money to do so). Is that still a problem?

Yes we will do 12 to 15 shows across Europe. We are all so excited to come back to France and Europe and visit all our friends.
I wish we never would have left! But tours can cost money to put on and you need someone to set it up for you right?... I think we should play for free (but I might be alone on this one)

During this tour, will you be headlining or opening for other bands?

We will be both headlining and opening for other bands on this tour... I think we're playing with Blonde Redhead on a couple shows.... I hope that works out!

I remember a time when you were constantly on tour. Is that something you got tired of, or did u just stop because you had to work?

Well to tell the truth I don't know why we stopped touring..... People said that we needed an album to promote in order to tour... But I always thougt we should be out there all the time close to the people......... The longer your alive the more you learn.

Also you just released a solo single, and an album is coming out this summer under the name B. Balthazar. What motivated this? Something you can't do with Chokebore?

B. Balthazar is a side project that I have a lot of passion for because all the weight is on me. Chokebore has been together for over 10 years and I hope we last 10 more.... But I have other music to do also... And soo much energy for it. I just cant live my life waiting for other people to set things up for me..... I'll do it myself..... I can't sit here in Los Angeles waiting for something to happen, letting months and years go by..... I have too much music playing in my head and its much too loud... I swim in it every day.

A few years ago, you said you wanted to do much more 4-track recordings, like "Days of Nothing" and "Where Is the Assassin?". Is that what you'll do with your solo project?

Yes I'll be experimenting with all kinds of sounds.... Because thats what I love most in the world.

Do you need to be sad to be creative?

I dont think you have to be sad to write.... You just have to feel it in you and not be afraid of saying and doing things that other people dont understand at that moment.... Have a faith in the pictures in your head when you see them and realize they can be beautiful if you dont push them away for the solid world.

Do u still write novels, like you did with "Pedro The Great"?

Yes Im always writing..... Maybe as an older man I'll settle into the long long hours and total commitment it would take to write anything of any worth.....

So you're going to tour Europe solo after Chokebore? Where exactly?

Yes! There will be some B. Balthazar shows in Europe in April/may.
Im not exactly sure of the dates yet but all the tour information and new music will be posted on and on a really cool web radio station.....

Thanks Troy!

Simon B.
March 2001