Interview: Troy – Only Angels Have Wings

Hi Troy,

hello there well Im still in hawaii just enjoying the visit and keeping very busy with songs so heres my answers sorry they took so long

What is like recording your new album??

The recording of this album was hard because we worked with an incompetent man but in the end all that matters is that the music sounds good and I think it does but I really wanted to punch that mans face every day but I didnt because hes realy not that bad of a person just very bad and slow at recording

When does it come out??

the spring I hope or maybe still come out in summer were not exactly sure yet

Have you got a title?? Do you plan to record another "The Rest of Your Evening"???

"It's a Miracle"

Did you have much difficulty finding out a new label??

no it all worked out with the label...were working with a good label called "Pale Blue" in france

At the end of "Sections" (Strange Lines EP), there is the beginning of another new song, isn't it?? ("she thought she flew alone"...).

yes the "she flew alone" end is a song called this on the new album

You toured with Unwound this summer. Do you like them?? Don't you think their last CD is awesome??

Unwound is a truly a great band it was a please to tour with them

What are you named after?? = what means Chokebore??

it means sad music that is good to write (to me)

Who is the drummer on the new album??

Christian "mad dog" Madrigal is the drummer he also drummed on A Taste for Bitters

Could you tell us about the B. Balthazar sideproject?? Does the release of the album has been delayed??

B. Balthazar is a side project that Ive been doing with my spare time.....its more acoustic then Chokebore and I play all the instuments...I have a 3 song CD on my web site you can see a cool video there gonna be touring around alot in the near future starting in Italy in March........I really want to play in france so if anyone knows of some cool places to play write to me!! I want to play music everyday!!!!

Do you write a lot of short stories??

yes ive been writing for many years now ...some stories are stupid and funny and some are very serious (i like these best)

Do you plan to tour in France soon??

yes I really hope so...its what I want more than everything else.......its a great feeling to play music that is not stupid.

Has new wave affected HAWAII at all??

no new wave in hawaii only sunny guitars and lots of fishes swimming around this little island...but no new wave.

OK, now here are 10 sillllllllllyyyyyyy questions (this last one might have been here...)

"Was you ever bit by a dead bee?"

yes when I was young it was a big black on and it hurt like hell

What becomes of the broken-hearted??

they sit in a hotel room in hawaii and write sad songs all day and only stop to go swimming and eat as much food as possible.

Are you insomniac?? How do you cope with it?

no I can sleep for 10 hours easy!

Which golden age Hollywood star would you dream of??

Bela Lagosi(s dead)

Do you like moustaches??


What is Only Angels Have Wings all about??

I have no idea but I hope its about music and ideas!!!!

Favourite band and worst favourite band of the moment??

Chokebore / Chokebore

What do you think of sunrise??

I saw it today and it was so beautiful in the pacific ocean

What is a lemonade??

it is a yummy lemon drink made by squeezing lemons with sugar and water


my fingers are tired but it was fun answering these good questions...... bye bye from the other side of the world Troy BBalthazar thanks!!!

Seb Wood

Only Angels Have Wings (October 2001)