Chokebore tubed

Paddle, paddle, position, relax, duck, turn.......tubed. B. Balthazar, Chokebore's lead singer and primary songwriter, comes up from the white wash to tell the tale of a Japanese stop over.

Where did you guys play out in Japan?

Fukuoka island, down in the south of Japan.

What was it for?

It was a festival, where each band represented a different country in the world. There was a russian band, etc. And we represented the USA.

DID you feel pressure?

Hell no, it was glorious all the Japanese girls want to marry nice American boys.

If you could describe the trip with a particular color, what would it be?


How does it feel to be back?

Not as good as being out on tour, but it's fun watching my roommate poison cats.

Anything crazy thing happen on the trip?

Yeah I had to give a speech in front of the mayor of Fukuoka and all these really intense business people. They even had a translator with us to help us talk. And I also manipulated their minds into giving me a three week layover in Hawaii...... :) I've been studying hypnotism.

Tell me about Hawaii?

I sat in a huge house playing guitar and playing piano, and get super fuckin high and floating in a pool.


God damn it was good!

Do you guys have any new stuff comin out?

We have been recording a lot of demos and are currently writing a four song E.P. that will be out shortly.

And aren't you doing some solo stuff?

Yeah, I've been recording many songs by my self, playing all the instruments and trying to make it sound real nice. I have about nine songs past the Chokebore album, I just want to do music all the time.

Are you planning to ever release it?

Maybe one day in the future. Right now I'm concentrating on writing and recording and trying to make my songs better and more beautiful.

Are you playing anytime soon?

Yeah. Chokebore is playing a couple of times in the next month in LA, and I'm also playing 3 times this month by myself.

If you had two words to leave the people?


MC Threepac
Frenzy Media
October 2000