1998/04/10, Botanique, Brussels (Belgium)

Thou + Chokebore


In the round room with the high ceiling in the Botanique Chokebore played for a diverse audience because the first band Thou (a Belgian French speaking band) had brought their own fans. Thou are clearly influenced by the Brit Pop bands. Their sound was not half bad when they were rocking out but the girl should have stayed off the stage. She only did some puppy love backing vocals and once in a while tried to hit some strings on her guitar and worse of all, she wasn't even beautiful which could have made up for her non-talent.


Chokebore's singer hurt his hand and once they got going you immediately saw how such a thing could have happened. This fine looking boy (could have been a model) is a total freakout on stage, what they call a stage persona, a real performer. A lot of slow songs in this set, apparently mostly from the last album. Chokebore = high pitch voice + feverish guitars + mocking drums in a trance.

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