A Part from Life

photos by Moni Müller + Jon
sleeve design by Jon

Motionless (new edition)

sleeve design by Jonathan K.
horse stamps from Troy

It's a Miracle

artwork/ photography and sleeve design by Kevin Hanley

Black Black

design/photography: Kevin Hanley
band photos (back): a frank g by Turpaud Baptiste, jonathan by jonathan, miik by brownie mud's dad, troy by Adeline & Esther
band photos (inside): a frank g by jon, jonathan by a machine, miik by Esther & Adeline, troy by bruno

A Taste for Bitters

design/artwork: Chokebore, Klaus Westermann/Dirk Holtkoetter
photos: Nicoletta Munroe (documentation of a performance by microinternational), Klaus Westermann (sky/band)

Anything Near Water

design/artwork: Kevin Hanley and Chokebore
band photos: Angela-Jo Brinkmann


photos by Dan Corrigan
cover by Hazelmyer

Strange Lines EP

sleeve design by Jonathan K.

Chokebore double 7-inch

back cover photos: Miik by Claire Berthelin, Frank G. by a machine, Jon by Miik, Troy by Pépéte Lór;
inside photos: Miik by Miik; Jon by a machine; Troy by B. C. Caldwell, Frank G. by Sonja Ahlers. street photos by Jonathan. layout by Sunja

Days of Nothing EP

design and photos by: Kevin Hanley
band photos by: a frank g by Arlene, Troy by Brownie Mud's Dad, (Miik) by Sandra, Jonathan by Nanna

It Could Ruin Your Day EP

design and photos by: Kevin Hanley
band photos: a frank g by Jonathan, Troy by a frank g, (Miik) by Jonathan, Jonathan by (Miik)

Chokebore/Tocotronic split 7-inch

design/photo K. Hanley

Nobody/Throats to Hit 7-inch picture disc

front art by Edwin Fotheringham

Dana Lynn - "guns" 7-inch

P&D by Piece of Mind

Dana Lynn - Circle 7-inch

cover art Jon Kroll
sleeve layout by In Design

Dana Lynn - demo tape