2001: DVD – Woodhaven Entertainment [47043] – USA


  1. Intro
  2. SnapcaseTypecast Modulator
  3. Project 86Pipedream
  4. FarMother Mary
  5. StrifeBlistered
  6. Living SacrificeReject
  7. StavesacreAn Eclipsing
  8. StrongarmTrails
  9. Red TapeGorilla Suit
  10. Deftones – interview
  11. ChokeboreA Taste for Bitters short film


Total running time: 57 min

Beginning credits:

Royal Films and Amphetamine Reptile Records present
A Darren Doane Film
Chokebore - A Taste for Bitters

Days of Nothing, Pacific Sleep Patterns, It Could Ruin Your Day

End credits:

Editor: Doane
Director of Photography: Joe Maxwell
AC: Scott Petitclerc
PA: Jason Ramus
Executive Producer: Johan Kugelberg, Ken Daurio, Dan Snow
Written by: Troy