1995: CD – Priority Records [P2 53123] – USA


  1. Fig DishNimble
  2. LifterNova
  3. PeeIcarus the Flat Footed Pond Bird
  4. ChokeboreLemonade
  5. BarkmarketLittle White Dove
  6. 7 Year BitchM.I.A.
  7. TreepeopleBetter Days
  8. FurtherJuniper
  9. Pinching JudyLand on Me
  10. LambchopOvary Eyes
  11. Fitz Of DepressionTake It Away
  12. Foreskin 500Permatortise
  13. KarpI'd Rather Be Clogging
  14. Long Hind LegsSlow Screw
  15. Clikitat IkatowiTransmission


Digitally mastered by Pat Sullivan at A&M Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Illustration: T.A.Z.
Project coordinator: Wes Mason
A&R direction: Dino Paredes
Art direction: Art Shō-G


Lemonade is taken from the album Anything Near Water.


The four members of L.A.'s Chokebore create a dense storm of bombastic chord explosions. They are known for possessing strange & compelling, mutilated vocals & obscure stage acrobatics. "Lemonade" is a track from their second album Anything Near Water released on indie guru label Amphetamine Reptile.